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  • Jmol for Linux  v.12.3.4 PreJmol is an applet and Java based application designed to display various 3D chemical information. Jmol's features include reading a variety of file types and output from quantum chemistry programs, and animation of multi-frame files and computed ...
  • ChemDB  v.1.5Emergency Response Guide Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances Chemical Reactivity DataBase Chemical Intrinsic Properties Chemical information and SafetyData Gamma Library DataBase MSDS Dictionary Periodic Table Data ...
  • BrailChem  v.1.0Brailchem is a software tool helping blind and visually impaired students to access chemical information commonly presented visually. LINK TO DOWNLOAD: ...
  • JSiteDescriptor  v.1.0A set of java programs that extract coordinate and chemical information from PDB files. The binding site regions are extracted using grid based scheme. For binding site, spatio-chemical descriptor is generated based on PocketMatch ...
  • MMDS WebServices  v.100Provides a PHP-based framework for WebServices that interoperate with the Mobile Molecular DataSheet app (for iOS and BlackBerry). The source files can be deployed on a PHP-capable web server and to provide access to chemical information services to ...
  • ChemRuby  v.1.0ChemRuby is a framework for developing cheminformatics applications in Ruby. It will let you retrieve chemical information from variety of data sources, fast substructure search, draw a chemical structure, and calculate chemical properties.
  • Solar System 3D Simulator  v.3.0Solar System 3D Simulator is a FREE software application that generates a realistic solar system model and planets in 3 Dimension on the PC using advanced physics formulas. It can display the planets and their orbits, the sun and the moon.
  • Chemical Manager  v.1.0ChemM is a free chemical manager for storing and searching information about reagents in laboratory. Allows substructure/exac matching as well as searching by name/cas numbers/reagent codes.
  • ICQr Information  v.1.5ICQr Information is able to read and reveal personal information stored in ICQ Database (DAT) files, such as nickname, passwords, address, birthday and much more.
  • ProfPDF Information Manager  v.1.0Application for change document information for PDF files. Adobe Acrobat is not required. Simply select the PDF file or folder with PDF files, set document's information, charset and push "Start" button. PDF document information will changed.
  • Information Retriever  v.2.0.0Store and retrieve data (phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, etc.) with handles. Once you input a piece of data and a handle, you can recall that data by inputting any piece of that handle or data, like part of a name.
  • Auslogics System Information  v.2.0.6Auslogics System Information provides you with computer and Windows details, installed devices, running processes and services, memory and CPU usage and other information. The program is free.
  • PC Information Viewer  v. analyzer utility analyzes your computer in detail, keeps track about your system configuration, drive information and socket data such as domain name, computer name, username, version, description. CPU facts viewer tool examines PC entirely.
  • Computer Information Viewer  v. configuration analyzer generates entire system information about operating system, RAM status, keyboard, mouse and socket data. Notebook analysis software extracts locale information like time, date, system language, zone, domain name etc.
  • SIM Card Information Recovery Tool  v. card SMS recovery software restores erased text messages from inbox, outbox and draft folder of damaged mobile phone SIM card memory. SIM card information recovery tool recovers all deleted data like phone number and SMS from GSM 2G, 3G SIM card.
  • Chemical Equation Expert  v.2.12aChemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students. You'll find complicated work such as balancing chemical equations and related calculations so easy and even enjoyable!
  • AtomicRobot Information Manager  v.6.0The AtomicRobot Information Manager allows you to easily store, find, and protect information important to you! Whenever you need to save important information, simply type it in or paste it in and click Save!
  • Alcohol abuse information  v.1.0Use this toolbar to learn more about tests for alcohol, alcohol detox, alcohol abuse statistics, alcohol abuse information, alcohol rehab, workplace alcohol testing, and the effects of abusive drinking, especially negative alcohol effects and how ...
  • Alcohol addiction information  v.1.0Use this toolbar to learn more about alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction information, the effects of alcohol addiction, alcohol addiction rehab, how alcohol addiction consequences destroy one’s health, finances, employment, and relationships, ...
  • Alcoholics information  v.1.0Use this toolbar to learn more about alcoholism, alcoholic behavior, alcoholics information, the effects of alcohol, alcohol rehab, how negative alcohol consequences destroy one’s health, finances, employment, and relationships, and the need ...
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